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Enjoy debugging your code line by line? We do!
Our company has created a stand alone coldfusion step debugger for CFML web development.

Coldbug - Coldfusion Step Debugger

Coldbug is a standalone application for the purpose of step debugging CFML code written for the Lucee web server (with the intentions of supporting Adobe CF at a later date). The goal of Coldbug is to make debugging web applications more efficient compared to existing methods such as dumping variables or using log information after a request has been processed.


Coldbug features example page


A simplistic modern design, built by developers for developers.

Easy to Use

Minimal effort required to get a new project line debugging.


Squash bugs faster and with more accuracy.

Up to Date

Always run the latest version using the web launch.

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Coldbug First Project

A product of Rift Web Design, copyright 2019-present


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